Coloring Services



Starting from 80$

 The single process touch up w/ Color is an application of hair color that is performed on new growth/”roots” that are no longer than 1” from the scalp.

This is not a highlighting technique

A virgin application is the terminology used when the new growth is more than 1” from the scalp requiring a separate mixture and application due to the way the hair color processes when not close to the natural body heat given off by the scalp. 

Balayage or Hair Painting

Starting from 350$ for a full balayage

The oh so popular craze that has taken the world by storm! Balayage or hair painting is done with the use of a clay based lightener and is used to create a very natural look of lightness in the hair.

Think of your hi lites 3 shades lighter than your base color with a grown out look. This technique will not get you the lightness in one visit that a foil hi lite can give you.

Multiple appointments or being with us all day may be needed to achieve the type of lightness that a foil hi lite will give you but with the look of balayage or hair painting. If your hair requires multiple applications the service will be priced accordingly.


Starting from 200$

The double process w/ Lightener is the same application as a single process and is called a double process because a second color is required to make the process complete.

A double process is not a touch up with high lights.

A double process is required if you are looking to have pink, blue, purple, green, etc.. Hair.


Starting from 75$

A glaze is a non-ammonia deposit only hair color generally used to refresh hi lites or mid lengths to the ends of single process touch UPS.

A glaze will blend away gray hair and eventually fade off the hair. This is a great introductory for someone new to haircolor but again it will not lighten and gives minimal gray coverage

Clear Gloss

Starting from 75$

Looking to add shine only? This is the service for you!

Foil Hi lites

Starting from 125$ for partial
Starting from 195$ for full

Foil hi lites are the traditional way to hi lite hair. Whether weaved or sliced this the easiest and fastest way to give you the lightness and brighteness that you desire. If your looking for more dimension in your hair color then multiple colors may be added.

The best part of using the foil technique is that you can truly customize the color you desire in a neat and efficient way.

The foil technique offers a cleaner application in which you can isolate the hair that you are coloring from hair that you don’t want colored and heat may also be used to help accelerate the process.

Single foils

$10 Each

Single foils are used to create special effects in areas of your hair that you would like to see a bit more bold or with high impact.

If you receive a hi lighting service that requires a post lightening glaze, we encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary glazing once a month for 2 months.

All color services come with a complimentary deep conditioning treatment and basic blow dry from our assistants.

*custom, creative, & corrective color* pricing is determined upon consultation.